Crushed Rock

Crushed Rock

prod 14minus

Crushed Rock – 1/4″ minus

Perfect for under pavers and flagstone. Also works great for pathways if you want to walk bare foot.

prod 58chip

Crushed Rock – 3/8″ chips

This material is used for when a permeable surface is needed for paves, flagstone and artificial turf. Also looks great in the landscape for walkways.

prod 38chip

Crushed Rock – 5/8″ chips

Decorative base material used for driveways and pathways.


Crushed Rock – 5/8″ minus

Compactable base material used for driveways and pathways.

prod 114minus

Crushed Rock - 1-1/4" minus

Rock screened to 1 1/4″. Has fines in it. Used as a sub base for driveways and parking areas.

prod 114clean

Crushed Rock - 1-1/4" clean

Typically used for drainage purposes and firming up soft or muddy conditions. It works well for pathways and doesn’t roll like smooth drain rock. Contains no fines or minus material.

prod 24crushed

Crushed Rock – 2"-4"

Can be used for construction entrances, wet travel areas and as a base layer for roads.


We sell all of our bulk materials by the cubic yard. A cubic yard is equal to 27 cubic feet. You can use the online calculator to determine how many cubic yards of material are required.

* All calculations are approximate. Due to natural variations in size, shape and weight of material, be sure to review the information with a member of our staff before placing your material order.

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